Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Indo-Canadians are Canadians whose origin traces back to the nation of India. The term Indian is not commonly used in Canada to describe people of ancestral origin from India since it has been used in the past and present to refer to the Aboriginals of Canada.
The term
East Indian is also used to distinguish people of ancestral origin from India, from the people of the Caribbean, who are sometimes referred to as West Indian. Most Indo-Canadians prefer, and many times will refer to themselves, as Indians more than East Indians. This is partially because many of them are immigrants who are used to being referred to as the internationally-used term.
However, because the term East Indian is not pejorative and is in widespread use in Canada, this term is accepted by Indo-Canadians. Another term,
NRI (non-resident Indian), is used by Indians in India to refer to Indians abroad, including Canada. According to Statistics Canada in 2001, there were 713,330 people who consider themselves as being Indo-Canadians. The main concentration of the Indo-Canadian population is centred in the Greater Vancouver Area and the Greater Toronto Area, however there are growing communities in Calgary, Edmonton and Montreal.




Anonymous said...

Some Sikhs were brought to Canada in the 1920s. We have been here for some time now. We were treated as second class people because of scientific racialism.

The Compassionate Thing For Our Canadian Governments To Do Is To Apologize To All Of Darwin's So-Called Lower Races! Who Only Were Given The Privilege To Vote In Canada In "1947".

All of the so-called Darwin's lower races deserve an apology from Stephen Harper and our Federal and Provincial Governments. Our education establishments were spreading "hate" through scientific racialism. The Darwinian science textbooke were showing pictures depicting six human races and six simian species, allegedly showing the proximity of the "lowest" humans to simians. Imagine how it felt when the Canadian boss-man grabbed my beard and made monkey sounds. I was once hung from a swing by my turban and the swing kicked out from under my feet. Good Samaritans passing by saved my life as the perpetraters laughed their guts out as I was about to die. Even I was socially engineered by our education establishments that I was sub-human, because it was in the "science" textbooks. Where is our apology from the Canadian Governments? It is easy to blame everyone else isn't It? We are still waiting for our apology. When will it come?

Anonymous said...

My Grandfather Deavon was brought to Canada in 1904.